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Suggestions About Garage Doors and Maintenance

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Suggestions About Garage Doors and Maintenance

A Page Dedicated to Garage Door Tips

With hundreds of different parts, the modern automatic garage door is a mystery to many owners. We strive to change this by providing valuable tips on a variety of important topics. Enjoy these posts and keep coming back for more.

Stop using your door the moment your opener starts grinding

This very specific sound is usually an indicator that the main gear inside the motor unit has broken. This gear connects the motor to the drive. By stopping the opener, you will protect its components from further damage. Disconnect the unit from the power outlet to ensure that no one else will be able to operate it. Once the gear is replaced, things will go back to normal.

Lubricate any galvanized component

Galvanized garage door parts are manufactured to resist moisture and rust. But that doesn't mean they don't require some occasional lubrication. Quite the contrary. If they are not properly lubricated from time to time, the smallest crack can develop into more severe damage, which can compromise their special properties.

Regularly lubricate your garage door

First thing first. Thoroughly clean the hinges and tracks of your garage door. Residues of oil, dirt, and grime can make them stick when mixed with a lubricant. After you're done, apply an appropriate amount of lubrication to the springs. If you have a Chain-drive opener, you can lubricate its chain as well. Now operate the system a couple of times to test things out. Any squeaking should be minimal. If it's loud, apply more lubricant.

Change both springs, even if only one breaks

If you neglect to replace both extension springs for garage doors when one of them breaks, your system remains at risk. Even if the new spring is of an excellent quality, the old one still compromises your safety. It's most likely suffered a similar amount of wear and tear damage as the one that broke, and will undoubtedly be following in its footsteps soon.


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